About Us

Our mission is simple.

We’re here to provide higher quality vodkas, using mindful ingredients, while giving back to causes we believe in.

Holla Vodka was created to provide an enhanced social ritual.

We blend our spirits for the sake of progression and free-spirited nature of our following.

History of Holla

The first batch of Holla!

The First Batch

In 2017, we labeled our first batch of bottles in Matt’s parent’s kitchen before loading the Penske for a co-packer to fill with vodka in Philly.

On to Pottstown!

On to Pottstown

Then we rented a spot in Pottstown in a landscaper’s overflow storage space to make it ourselves.

Bottling in York, PA

Home Sweet Home

In 2019, we moved to a real production space in our hometown of York, PA. We make everything here now and can be a lot more creative!


Our vodkas are made with some of the finest base distillates the world has to offer. We then spend countless hours defining and redefining our flavors with the industry’s most admirable sources. Whether we are using fresh, dried, or extracted ingredients, we analyze everything to ensure it’s something we would consume ourselves.

Please don’t be surprised if you notice natural oils, sediment, or variations in color. This is normal. Just shake and serve! All of our vodkas are naturally gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and Vegan.


We are committed to being an eco-progressive company and are continuously focusing on innovative ways to incorporate earth-friendlier packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.

We certainly don’t consider ourselves perfect but strive to improve in all that we do.

Charitable Contributions

We are firm believers in providing love and compassion for all beings.

Our founder was diagnosed with two rare, life-threatening genetic conditions that have given him a new perspective on life and a vision to take things much less seriously.

Our primary charities were chosen based on important personal connections. Check out some of our favorites below:


Why the name HOLLA?

We wanted something entirely different. Holla represents the fun, happy, and uniting nature of our spirits so you can instantly recognize our casual and free-spirited style. 

Where is your distillery?

We’ve had a long journey and currently distribute all of our products from York, PA.  We started building this dream with a partner in Philadelphia, moved to a warehouse in Pottstown, and ultimately expanded into a new production facility in 2019.

Do you offer tours?

We do not currently offer tours. The local municipality restricts the uses at our current location so for now, it’s kind of like the Wonka factory.

Why vodka?

Vodka is all about lifestyle. It’s super versatile and one of the cleanest alcoholic beverages available. Flavor options are endless!

What is the original vodka made from?

The Original is distilled from U.S. corn. We also use this base for our pickle vodka. It is 6X’s distilled.

What are the flavored vodkas made from?

We use an organic sugar cane for all of our flavors except Salvadilí (aka our pickle vodka). It is 5X’s distilled.  We plan to use all certified organic ethanol in the future.

Is the vodka gluten free?

Our vodkas are naturally gluten-free post distillation. They are also non-GMO, kosher, & vegan.

What's the difference between your vodkas and other vodkas?

It’s all about the vibes with plain vodka.  We price our Original vodka competitively and won’t rip you off with a fancy bottle. We aim to differentiate ourselves with our higher-quality ingredients in the flavored vodkas and inclusive lifestyle.  

What's up with the on-the-go-pouches?

Our pouches are a friendly alternative to shipping glass direct to your door. They’re fun and a perfect outdoor companion.

  • Great for festivals, tailgates, boating, camping, golfing, and more!
  • Easy to open and store
  • Built-in handle to carry or use a carabiner and clip it!
  • Fridge-friendly and quick chilling
  • They float!
How can I buy your seasonal flavors?

PA residents may purchase seasonal or limited edition flavors directly on this site or place a Special Liquor Order (SLO) with any PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits store.

Can I freeze my vodka?

You can, but freezing your vodka has the potential to change its flavor.

How can we learn more about you?

Come see us! We love it when you show up at our events! Follow our social media accounts (@HollaSpirits) for these announcements and more!

Questions? Comments? We love your feedback, so please feel free to contact us or email [email protected]

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