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Lemon’s End™ Pouch

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Buji Fuji

Buji Fuji is ripe with liquid luxury. Indulge in a little sweetness and a lot of richness in your next cocktail creation.

Quick Mix
Martinis, cranberry juice, iced tea, cider, matcha, ginger beer, ginger or citrus kombuchas, seltzers, or club soda.

Naturally gluten-free | Non-GMO | Kosher | Vegan
Distilled from organic sugar cane
40% ABV / 80 PROOF
Available in glass

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Praise The Gourd™

Kick off the Fall season with this warm, aromatic pumpkin spice flavored vodka. Perfect for Halloween, Fall, and tailgating parties.

Quick mix ideas: Martinis, white russians, mules, ciders, coffee, milkshakes, and soda water


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The perfect vodka for when life has you feeling a little nutty. With a sweet and savory peanut butter flavor that is a dessert for your tastebuds.

Quick mix ideas: Martinis, mudslides, transfusions, coffee, grape-flavored seltzer, shooters and jello shots, apple juice, hot chocolate, coconut, chocolate liqueurs, vanilla soda water, White Russians, Bailey's and Kahlua


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Not just for Fall, our cinnamon sips all year long. Our real cinnamon stands above traditional chemically-concocted imitations, bringing you a warm and rich flavor.

Quick mix ideas: Mules, apple cider, coconut water, White Russians, cranberry, apple martinis, and cordials


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